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Is one of your resolutions to press pause on the Frozen soundtrack once the kids hop out of the car at morning drop-off and press play on something far less Olaf-y?

Are you exhausted from asking your friends which podcast you should listen to only to discover none of the hosts speak your language or really get your single-mom life?

We’ve got what you’re looking for to make 2019 the year of amazing you. Find all the inspiration, field-tested advice, laughs, deep questions and stories from real moms just like you on our podcast.

Your time to yourself is precious, so we will make it super-simple for you to get started. Here are two easy options.

  1. Subscribe to the Single Mom Nation podcast right here and just let the episodes play. (It is also available on Libsyn, Stitcher and your favorite place to stream podcasts.)

  2. Or choose an episode that calls to you from this list of our listener favorites.

  • If you are a badass entrepreneur, want to turn your side hustle into your main gig, or have dreams way bigger than this damn cubicle, listen in to straight-up wisdom from our favorite girl’s girl, single mama, and bossy boss, Stefania Pomponi, who built CLEVER agency from the ground wayyy up with her best friends.

  • If you feel like you lost too much in your divorce, find solace, understanding and the steps to recovering your gratitude in this conversation on the grief and grace of losing important items with author, coach, and Hurricane Harvey survivor Karen Walrond.

  • If you are loaded down with marriage crap and have no idea what to do with it, you need these ingenious tips from professional organizer and former single mother, Rachel Rosenthal. (Psst, her Real Housewives client is listening, if that sways you…and we know it does.)

  • If you’re not quite a widow and are grieving the death of your child’s other parent, join us for extraordinary, compassionate advice by author and single mom Amy Sue Nathan on how get yourself and your kids through the trauma.

  • If you have divorce regrets (and you do, which is cool because that just means you are a part of the super-sexy Everyone Who Divorces club), it is time to let go with this no-nonsense ways to release and reset from writer, photographer and professional intention-setter, single mom Lucrecer Braxton.

Did we miss your favorite episode? Let us know in the comments what it is! We’d love to hear why you replay that bad-girl so often.