Episode 16: Getting rid of marriage crap


Of course, the storage locker of wedding china and anniversary mementos is packed full of sentiment and emotion, not just stuff. And clearly, divorce paperwork and visitation calendars cause their own crazy mental (and desk) mayhem. Enter Rachel Rosenthal, professional organizer (who even has...shhh...Real Housewives clients) and newly married single mom to twin girls, to give us her very best tips on clearing the clutter, quick remedies for piles and stacks, reducing stress in your space and making a new home you love to live in.

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What we mentioned in the show

Cleanse your home, office and spirit clutter with Rachel by visiting her site.

Here are more of Rachel's tips for tidying paper clutter, including the ahhh-mazing standing files she mentions. (Here are a few of my favorite fancy/cute/sassy file folders. PS: I also have many cute packs scored from the Target dollar aisles.)

Get to the ahhh place while reading Rachel's feature in Real Simple magazine right here.

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