Episode 17: Everything I lost in the gulf of divorce

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We asked listeners, friends and readers at Single Mom Nation to share what they lost in divorce. A hundred comments piled up in an hour, creating a profound list of Christmas ornaments to childhood photos, cars and homes to friends, dignity and mental wellness. That inventory was eerily similar to the overwhelming mountain of possessions outside the home of Karen Walrond, author, speaker, photographer and Hurricane Harvey survivor. Karen joins Jessica talk about why the little stuff matters so much to us, and to connect the great losses and even greater lessons of evacuating and recovering from a natural disaster – and divorce.

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What we mentioned in the show

Karen’s incredible, inspirational work is at home on Chookooloonks, her Make Light podcast is here and her books are here. UPDATE: Six months after the flood, here's how – and where – Karen and family are. 

You will definitely want to watch the Facebook Live video that shored up this conversation right here.

And that post logging all the things we lost in divorce is right here.

We mention the wisdom of two talented writers who have been single moms.

Wendy Fontaine has written beautiful, pensive articles on divorce, single motherhood, and starting over. Here's a way-back interview with Wendy on finding love again.

Lorraine Ladish helped guide me in selling my wedding rings to pay rent by sharing her own story and understanding that the ancestors would've wanted her to care for her children at all cost. Her site is Viva Fifty.


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And now for the other side of this conversation: How to purge the marriage crap (yep, that includes paperwork, wedding china AND bad feelings.)


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