What happens AFTER divorce?

If you filed today.

If you are worried your relationship is over.

If you are in the middle of some awful custody mess.

If you hope there is more than anger, sarcastic texting and arguing over a half-hour of visitation time.

If you feel engulfed, lost or never wanted to wear the label "single mom." 

If any of this, we get it. We've been there. And author Tammy Letherer and I have girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice, all from experience, about getting yourself and your kids to the other side of divorce. Tammy is the lady we all wish we had walking us through our own toughest times, in part because she's traveled down her own painful paths.

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Imagine your future self, Tammy tells us, and that she is waving you forward to show you all you will become and can be. She is glorious and powerful and soulful and ENOUGH. 

We'll start right there on this second episode of Single Mom Nation Radio podcast.