Seriously funny divorce cards

One of the cards in the Break Up & Divorce collection by Special Oddcasions.

One of the cards in the Break Up & Divorce collection by Special Oddcasions.

Don't ever waste your time scouring through the grocery store card racks looking for something, ANYTHING on paper that commemorates someone's divorce or break-up. AND FOR THE LOVE OF SEVERED UNIONS, do not even make a tiny, whispered wish that you will find a funny card to poke fun of the ridiculousness that is ending a marriage or dating someone slightly more wackadoodle than you. 

Those cards don't exist. At least in the grocery store. But they are now available online through a line called Special Oddcasions, the snarky brainchild of card-collector, CrossFit-judging, quippy writer Meredith Carroll. 

Meredith Carroll doesn't just make cards about endings. She also created clever cards to cover vasectomies, cancer-related boob jobs, balding, being gay, Jewish and post-op out of plastic surgery. Meredith popped on over to the Single Mom Nation Radio podcast to talk about why funny is so important, especially during the tough stuff, in writing and on paper as well as in all of life. 

Listen in for laughs with Meredith Carroll, courtesy Special Oddcasions.


Show notes:

Meredith Carroll is a writer with the best bio of all time.

Special Oddcasions can be purchased here.

Emily McDowell's Empathy Cards are also amazing. 

 Meredith writes about moving through cancer here and here and her new, fabulous boobs here.