New podcast: Single Mom Nation Radio is live!

A million years ago, I was offered a job to be a DJ at a small-market radio station in the middle of Iowa. I was ecstatic. A man named Simon Clay heard me on my college radio station, probably playing Poi Dog Pondering or Tori Amos to 11 or 12 furiously studying students, and told me he'd like to pay me $13,000 a year to be on the air. 

It was my dream offer, other than the lack of paycheck, but I didn't take it. I had another dream to chase that was too far down the road to see clearly at that point. But the hope of being back on the radio has never left me.

Today, I am making an offer to myself — and to you — to get back on the air, this time to spin single mom stories, advice, experiences and expert interviews. So here I am — and we are  — on Single Mom Nation Radio.

Single moms and people who love single moms, this podcast is dedicated to us. It is a space to come together, to feel empowered, to let down, to hear advice from women who get it and to be with women who are there and have been there, for the the women who will be there. 

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This intro has been twenty+ years in the making. Let's get to the  podcast.