Why single moms need sitters

Are you in the depths of spring break boredom or over-scheduled travels? Or perhaps you are having that crisis of calendar in realizing how close summer break really is. It could also be that you are starving for a night out with your lady-friends or to sit in a movie theatre blissfully alone or to finally meet-up with that possibly-someone-special who tracked you down on Tinder. Or you are fresh out of sick days on the job (again) and someone small is sniffling (also again). The situation details really don't matter — single moms are always in need of babysitters. 

Stop shaking your head and giving into reluctance because of visitation time or budget, your exhausted intentions of being The Most Perfect Mom of All Time or unnecessary guilt about not being the one to do another PlayDoh project with your child. Why? Because single moms are always in need of babysitters.

And not just any babysitters  — babysitters who balance out your talents and interests, babysitters who can step in when you are sick, caregivers who can give you the break you need to finally drive all that crap in your car trunk over to Goodwill, someone with a sunny, safe, confident disposition who really do want to hear about Minecraft for a full hour, sitters who fill a critical space in your circle of support. Once more for good measure: See? Single moms are always in need of babysitters.

Listen in as Lynn Perkins, CEO and co-founder of UrbanSitter shares great ideas, tips and reassurance that finding, hiring and enjoying the right babysitter for your family (of two or three or more) is so important for your health and happiness as a single mom.

Show notes:

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