Single mom pep talk

In your stretched-out yoga pants or in your fancy work dress with the spit-up stain on the shoulder you didn't see until lunch time. With your roots shouting hello to everyone taller to you and also five minutes after you walked out of the blow-dry salon that cost three times as much as it should because of the cost of the sitter, Lyft and time you spent debating whether or not to go. With your girlfriends next to you laughing hysterically or wrapped up in your granny's blanket on the couch alone at 6:30 pm on a Saturday. In the middle of an on-fire presentation to a potential client and when you are negotiating an overdue bill with creditors. At your low points and when you are standing victorious at the top of any metaphorical or real mountain, hair blowing wildly in the wind, mind racing, muscles blazing. All of it, all of you, always, in every way. You are fucking glorious.

Hat tip to Danielle LaPorte for the re-meme-der.

you are fucking glorious.jpg