Required Reading: 8 ways to get through the toughest stuff

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Let's be honest: With all that chocolate you ate to "even out" the kids' Easter basket stashes or all the Hollywood Medium mind-expansion binge-watching you did this weekend, there is no way you will be able to stare at spreadsheets all day today. Here's a reading list created just for you to click through. 

4 ways women get screwed in divorce : A woman's standard of living decreases 27% while a man's gets bumped up. Daily Worth explains how to avoid four big financial missteps. 

Parenting through the toughest times: Listen in as Meagan and Sarah of The Mom Hour podcast talk frankly about finding the light during the darkest mothering moments. 

What it's like to get divorced in a country where divorce is illegal: "It's inhumane." And expensive. And takes forever. And may require claiming psychological incapacity. 

Does your spirit need a refresher?: 25 Bible verses to help single moms keep the faith, courtesy

How to get closure after a break-up: "DItch the marriage highlight reel" and other solid expert advice on getting unstuck if you're relationship is over. 

Stuff you already know by living it but is a link worthy of sending to the new person you're dating: What to know if you're interested in a single mom

To the single parent who pushes on: A few girlfriend-y reminders of why you are incredible, up now on Scary Mommy.