Single Mom Style Notes: Versatile vixen with Kristen Chase

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Becoming a single mama is an open door to new choices — and maybe even a killer new closet (that you no longer have to share). Single Mom Style Notes introduces you to glowy, gorgeous women who are working their own looks, walking the runways of work, dates, classrooms and even courtrooms. Take note as we peek inside this styley single mamas look book with ten questions.

Meet Kristen Chase, a writer who takes on all the topics you wish you were writing about, and one of the women powering the site Cool Mom Picks. Kristen can strut her stuff on the dance floor, say something super smart on TV and go (ummm) head to head with the best nasty joke tellers around. Also, I have never seen anyone pull of a leather vest like Kristen. Here's what she has to say about her own style. 

Styley single mama: Kristen Chase, CEO/Publisher, Cool Mom Picks

My style summed up in three little words:

Modern and sexy, with a twist. That would probably make a good drink name too, huh? 

My most glorious style moment:

My mini red-carpet moment with Ethan Hawke. The Rent the Runway dress that fit like a glove. The Betsey Johnson shoes I scored last minute at DSW. And a little help in the hair and make-up department from the professionals. 

Three pieces I choose over and over:

For winter, it's —

  • Dark skinny jeans
  • A bright-colored chunky sweater 
  • Black booties. These days, it's a pair of Cole Haans that I practically live in when it's not snowing or raining. 
  •  And bright orange lipstick. I know that's four. I couldn't help it. 

My best accessory: 

My Dannijo gold cuff. It was definitely a splurge but it's my go-to for pretty much every single occasion that requires me to be dressed up, whether it's a business meeting or a night out on the town. And style tip: Cuffs travel well because no tangles. 

Style secrets I want to share:

1. Size does not matter. Well, at least when it comes to clothing. I've learned over the years that fit rather than the number (or letter) on the tag should be the deciding factor on whether I decide to add something to my wardrobe.  

2. If you find something that does fit you and looks fabulous, get more than one, or grab it in a couple of colors, if your budget allows. With four kids (and a sometimes haphazard laundry routine), I've learned the hard way and had to say "good-bye" to a few pieces I really loved. 

3. For trendy pieces, I steer clear of my favorite high-end shops so I don't accidentally spend too much on a pair of wool plaid shorts I will probably only wear one season. That's why I love places like H&M or even Target because you can get a few on-trend pieces to add to your closet and not break your grocery budget. 

 The best bargain in my closet:

My UNIQLO jeans, $40 and they fit amazingly well. Style tip for my shorter ladies: They hem pants over $20 for free! 

My sweetest splurge: 

My Chloe clutch. I treated myself after I got some awesome news and it's the most expensive item in my closet. But let me just say, I have used it so much over the years that it was well worth it. And I figure, maybe it'll be vintage by the time I'm old and my kids can cash it in to pay for my wake. Ha. 

Online shop that shows up most in my history:

Because I pretty much shop for a living (yay, Cool Mom Picks!), I have so many. But I have to say that lately, it's been Urban Outfitters, which I'm even surprising myself by saying that. They lost me for a bunch of years (um, mom jeans, really?), but I'm digging their big, comfy sweaters and coats for my recent return to colder climes, and I like how so many of their items are made in the U.S.A. I find they hold up really well, even with a lot of washes. 

 Favorite shop to stop in:

There's a little boutique in my town called Lotus and the shop owner has the best taste! She curates from various designers on the high and low end, and I pretty much never leave without getting a little something. 

How my style has evolved since ______ :

I had my last baby...

Now that my youngest is four, I feel like my body is pretty much where it's going to be in terms of size and shape. I've become much smarter and more thoughtful with my purchases, knowing that I'll be able to wear things for more than one year (hopefully more) without a baby bump and then, baby bump weight loss, getting in the way. And as much as I might not want to admit it, most of my closet is pretty functional and all-encompassing, compared to years past when there was pretty much lounge clothes and club clothes. I love that I can put together pieces to make a work outfit, a school event outfit and a date outfit without having to run to the store for anything. 

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