Required Reading: Engagement rings, superman capes and trips around the world

Last week, we asked when you first spoke your truth aloud, inspired by an achey-beautiful post at Life With Roozle. Author Casey Carey-Brown left the sole comment on that post, writing, "But now I know I'm not alone."

In the ache and in the beauty, at the movies and at home and at church, in leaving and entering in, find some connection to these women telling their truths in this week's required reading. 

Divorce makes you question everything. Beth Avant on seeing fear, acceptance and Love, Actually in a whole new light.

Break-up gone good. How one Elizabeth Gallagher won a round-the-world trip when another Elizabeth Gallagher walked away from a relationship.

Dishes done wrong. Very likely the reason someone's relationship came to a screeching halt. 

"Leave your superman cape and tool belt at home." I mean. Raina Johnson on how to date a single mom. 

When faith divides during divorce. One woman feels betrayed by other Christian women when she leaves her husband and asks how the church can support women in crumbling marriages. 

The problem with engagement rings.  Tossing it out the window of the car isn't the problem. A classic by Wendy Fontaine.