#SingleMomSelfies: What single moms really look like (beautiful)

Too often, there is one big picture of a single mom. She is desperate. Or valiant. Or lonely. Or angry. Or impoverished in many ways other than the money in her bank account. She is irresponsible. Or closed off to anything other than her children. She is manipulative. Or victimized. She is. She is. She is.

But single mothers, like all mothers, are far more nuanced than that. We are some of these things - sometimes. We've been there - and moved through. We're there now - but not forever. One snapshot cannot - and does not - say it all about us and our experience.

But what if we took photos of who and where we are as single mothers RIGHT NOW? And what if we put them all together in a montage of smiles and heartache and quiet and uproarious laughter? Maybe that would begin to stitch together a more accurate depiction of all we are and do and want and share.

We've asked you to share your #SingleMomSelfies, in part to participate for a great prize, but mostly to help us to widen the lens, find the light and archive more single mamas in all your glory, vulnerabilities and great beauty.

Here are a few of our favorite #SingleMomSelfies faces. We can't stop staring at your loveliness and are so honored you've shared it with us.