Welcome to Single Mom Nation's launch party!

What does it mean to you to be a single mother? 

Did you choose this way to parent? Or did it choose you? Was there one clarifying moment when you realized, "Wow. I guess I am doing this on my own"? Or did you shine a light down a path toward parenting and get yourself all the way there?

Or maybe you are not a single mother. But perhaps you've considered it, squinted into the dark of a quiet bedroom and wondered, "Can I do it?" 

Maybe you were raised by a single mom. Or dad. Or grandparent. Maybe you spent most of your childhood raising yourself. Is there someone in your life who is a single mother who you want to understand better, support more, walk with as she goes?

Were you once a single mother but call yourself by another name now? Did you spend months or years solo parenting? Are you trying on the term or shedding it or have you long forgotten what it feels like to wear this title?

Whoever, however, wherever you are coming from, we are so glad you landed here. Please stay, get comfortable, open up the medicine cabinets and peek at the diary on the nightstand, make yourself a cup of tea or pour yourself a scotch, settle in.

Single Mom Nation is a where single moms - and the people who love us - stand together.

It is exactly what I needed when I got honest enough to say aloud that, from that moment on, I was a single mother. It is what you have told me in many, many emails, Facebook messages, whispered conversations, phone calls and half-smiles across crowded rooms that you've needed, too.

This is girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on divorce, break-ups, dating and relationships, style, money, {co}parenting, delicious sex and self-care -- all with the honesty, laughter, snark and very-real, field-tested experience that single moms deserve to hear and want to share.

You will find video interviews with experts and a feature I love called Kickass Single Moms, which will serve as an archive of the many, rich experiences, lessons learned and stories of women like you and very much unlike you.

I have big, big plans for Single Mom Nation and they begin today.

They start with this welcome and a launch party to celebrate all of us! 

So welcome! You're officially one of us now - a proud citizen of the Single Mom Nation.



Jessica & the Single Mom Nation