Put your own ring on it: 6 rings to buy for ourselves

Removing your wedding rings can be a moment of empowerment or a few seconds of sadness, or even a combination of both. There's no need to leave your fingers naked, nor to wait for someone else to buy you something beautiful to gaze at in the dim light of the movie theater or show off on Instagram. 

Commit to yourself by buying a ring (or three) that will reset your thinking, reframe any loss or goodbyes and remind you that you are powerful, at peace, prepared and pretty fucking amazing as you are and in this moment. 

Here are six rings we propose you give yourself. 

O Captain ring

Jewel Mint, $40

Named for the Walt Whitman poem that chronicled Abe Lincoln's death with "O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done," this simple ship's wheel carries all of the hope, sorrow and strength to steer your ship through stormy seas to calmer waters.

stackable rings.jpg

Names or mantras customized stacking rings

Cinnamon Sticks, $18 each

Put the names of your children or message that guides you right on the direct line to your heart with these beautiful, enduring hammered silver stackable rings (I own, wear and love a set myself). 

Swallow ring

LolaAndCash on Etsy, $87

Some say swallows represent hope, others say freedom, still others insist they are the sign of a good fighter. But my favorite symbolism comes from tales that sailors emblazoned their bodies with swallow tattoos to mark the miles they'd traveled.  This bold, stamped silver swallow ring may serve as a sign of how far you've come and your hopeful ascent on a new journey.

Geode ring

Omnatura, $65

Geodes are crystals encased in a rock crust and said to be a superconductor for healing energy, representing birth and the womb, and helping to detoxify the body, increase creativity and bring balance. Each of the varied geode rings in this boutique (and there are many to ooh and ahh over) are brilliant and beautiful. One will surely help bring the healing right into your hands (or nudge you to do some good self-care on your own).

Tiny house ring

Uncommon Goods, $90

Are you moving from your house, making a new home or desperately chanting and dousing sage in all corners of your current residence? Then this tiny toy-inspired silver house ring might be the sign you need that home is wherever you and your children are. 

Love ring in cursive

Keeoops8 on Etsy, $8

When Lauren Conrad announced her engagement on Twitter, she showed off a delightfully not-ostentatious diamond that was snuggled up next to an adorable gold cursive love ring. I loved her for it. But I admit that I also giggled that she showed off her betrothal with "love" on the middle finger. Whether you'd like to give the big middle finger to love these days or want to prompt yourself to luxuriate in a commitment to fabulous you, this $8 ring will do it on the cheap. And cute. 

Make-a-wish dandelion seeds ring

Xercesart on Etsy, $31

No need to wait for luck to show up at your front door. Carry your own wish-piration with this stunning terrarium ring full of captured dandelion seeds. Also available in globe and vial pendant styles.

labrodite ring.jpg

Fiery labrodite ring

HardCandyGems on Etsy, $94.40

The stone of transformation, labrodites are said to bring their wearers strength, perseverance, heightened intuition and balance during times of change. They are also the stone of Hindu goddess Kali, one of my favorites, who represents the end of cycles, a release of fear and rebirth with a sense of divine mission. If this is all too hoodoo-guru for you, let this bold ring replace the weight of your wedding bands with flashes of brilliant colors.

Werewolf poison ring

On Etsy, $14

Of course, you're not going to sneak some snuff into your former flame's chalice of full of soy cappucino, as the bezeled jewelry was used in sixteenth century Europe. But it might just feel good to tuck all those vengeful thoughts into a (much more nicely dubbed) "locket ring" like this one sporting a brass werewolf atop the hidden compartment. A quick search of Etsy will reveal many other styles. Pick your poison - true vintage, turquoise, ruby, lovely little cameos - for a range of prices. 

Double-banner two-finger ring

MerCurios, $38

Serious and sweet at the same time, this brass knuckle inspired ring stretches a customizable banner across several fingers. Personalize it with your name, a simple quote or a message of love, fury, fierceness or calm. 

Three-spike two-finger ring

MerCurios, $34

Ready to rumble? This knuckle plate with contrasting spikes means business - or may just be the best way for you to prep to enter any ring. And since it is crafted from aeronautical-grade aluminum, it won't weigh you down.