Because all single moms have been there some point — stuck inside a moment that feels impossible, or at least exhausting to maneuver out of without help. And because other people stepped in to help us when we needed it most. And because giving back to help other moms get to that good place is the right thing. Because a thousand reasons, we've built a grant program that we hope will be the hand you need to go from feeling stuck to a deep sigh of relief, a good night's sleep, a safe place to make a bigger plan or that "everything is really going to be OK" calmness that comes when small problems are solved. 

Single Mom Nation Grants to Get You Through

Single Mom Nation offers small, one-time bridge grants to single mothers to help you get through tough, tight or critical times when you need support, compassion, a sitter, something to wear to a job interview, help with moving costs or school fees, acupuncture or internet installation. 

How does this grant program work?

First, you apply or nominate a single mom for a small, one-time grant. In the application, you will detail how this grant would help you to help yourself through a transition or tough time or tight squeeze or to pursue an opportunity.

Next, your application is reviewed and grants are awarded on an as-needed, can-offer basis in the form of gift cards, sponsored opportunities with businesses and organizations, and other arrangements. Cash gifts are not made. Grant funds are also pooled to send or deliver supplies or services to you. 

Then, Single Mom Nation will alert you if you are a recipient of a bridge grant and fill you in on the terms.  We ask that you kindly continue the giving by sharing your experience on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or other social network. And when your bucket overflows, we ask that you offer your time, talent, resources or donations to the Single Mom Nations grants program to serve another single mother. 

Who provides the grants?

Single Mom Nation provides and manages the Grants to Get You Through as a way to connect with and support amazing single mothers.

We build funds and opportunities through partnerships with community members, businesses, brands, nonprofit organizations and single moms who have been where you are. 

Brands and businesses

We work with brands and businesses who are committed to helping single moms and their families thrive. These brands and businesses invest in bridge grants because they understand that single moms are the center of nearly 10 million American homes. They also care that single mothers are disproportionately impacted by poverty, wage equity, access to childcare, education and food security, and that a woman's standard of living decreases by 73% after a divorce. Far beyond analytics that show that most single mothers do 100% of household purchasing, the brands and businesses at the table discussing bridge grants with Single Mom Nation see how putting hearts and dollars together can change a single mother's life significantly in one small moment. 

Other single mothers

Community is vital to making this bridge grant program work today and build tomorrow. We also partner with single moms to create a caring community where you live – home-cooked meals delivered on nights you work late, after-school kid care exchanges, borrowing a date night outfit, a friend to accompany you to a mammogram, donations of furniture, baby gear, books or holiday help. The women who participate in this program offer great advice they've been given and have learned in their own best and toughest times, and they are here to show us how amazing single motherhood can be. 

What kinds of grants have been given?

Single Mom Nation has quietly given grants to single moms in immediate need. These bridge grants have brought such joy and connection that we've decided to loudly, proudly sing each new opportunity to serve single mothers. Each grant given so far has included Single Mom Nation funding, sponsorship from brands and individual donations for gift cards and supplies ranging from $100 to $400. 

How do I apply or nominate a single mother?

Get started by filling out the application below. 

Then what?

If you are awarded one of the Grants to Get You Through, you take care of business, you exhale and you get through. Then you do more than get through — you kick ass. And hopefully, you tell us all about it. 



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