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Are you a kickass single mom? (Of course, you are.)

Do you have a poignant, powerful, hilarious, lesson-learned story to share? (We know you do.)

Is it time to share your expertise on self-care, style, navigating divorce, {co}parenting, how to get the perfect date-night top not without sticking a sock in your hair, managing money, traveling with kids or some other on-trend, always-an-issue or brand-new topic that absolutely must be shared with the Single Mom Nation? (You've got our rapt attention.)

Is right now the moment you finally ask that question that has been nagging at you, tugging at your heart, making you laugh like crazy or just will not stop coming up? (We get it.)

Then it is time to submit your guest post to Single Mom Nation. We will personally read every submission and will contact you to let you know if it will be published. 

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Before you start typing, here's what you need to know.

  • We want your writing to be phenomenal. Take some time to craft your story, edit your advice and ask your questions in a way that will compel us all to keep reading. You are amazing. We want to see that reflected in the words you choose. 
  • We expect spell-checking and grammar-proofing. 
  • We are empowering, kind, honest, vulnerable, funny, smart, accountable and real. Not every post has to be all of these things, but no post we publish will be vengeful, dishonest or an attack on one of the citizens of the Single Mom Nation. We love to laugh, can throw down some cussing and are not afraid to pull someone into our bosom and cry, if only virtually.
  • We need you. We cannot speak to all single motherhood experiences or make assumptions about what your challenges, triumphs, wisdom and big ideas are. So tell us. Voicing your life as a single mama will add to the archive and create a fuller, more diverse, even more amazing site.
  • We will contact you whether your post will be published or not. We will try to offer insight if it is not a good fit for Single Mom Nation at this time. If it will be published (confetti!), we will give you the date it will go live so you can be sure to tell your granny to log on.
  • We will promote your published posts with lots of love across our social networks. We are quite sure you will want to do the same. And when you read a post by another single mom contributor, we bet you will help share her story, too. 

Now. On to your single-mom story.

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