We love the podcast love

You know that elated feeling that washes over you when you look around the table or room or conference panel and realize that not only are you sitting with some kickass women, you are actually a part of the group? That's how we feel whenever we get a nod from other single mothers who are empowering, elevating and connecting women like us. 

We are so honored to be included on ESME's list of Podcasts to Keep You Grounded Amidst the Chaos. ESME is a community built by and for solo moms, and Single Mom Nation's spot on their podcast list is basically rubbing booties with the Obamas of digital airwaves, Dear Sugars, so yes, I am a little weepy and squee-y about that. 

We also got an electrifying mention from @kaitygoestoonederland about how much YASSSSS she felt while listening to our recent Single Mom Love Stories featuring Ashlee Dean Wells. What a thrill! We wish we could show you but, alas, it was on Instagram Stories and we all know we are too exhausted/lazy/preoccupied with the Chan+Jenna breakup to worry about how much we suck with a capitol IG. Instead, just take our word for it and follow our new Insta-friend's transformational posts which are full of single mama/badass tattooed and bikini-ed lady inspiration.  Thanks, Kaity! We love that you loved the epi.