Single Mother's Day Giveaway: And the winners are...


We partnered with UrbanSitter to give away free babysitting to single moms in need. And finally, the winners are in! 

But first, a bit about your entries. 

We were thrilled. We were overwhelmed. We were humbled. We cried (and cried some more). And then we laughed and related. We were so full of respect and amazement at beautiful you. And so you will understand that it took us a bit to sort through all the entries to the Single Mother's Day Giveaway. 

We had piles and piles of compelling entries. And thanks to the generous donations of friends and members of UrbanSitter, we were able to give away a grand prize of $250 in babysitting gift cards, and TEN $100 gift cards to single mamas. 


Congratulations to the winners

  • Claire I., Chicago, IL, is our grand prize winner and was nominated by her sister, Liz
  • Caeli B., Massachusetts
  • Maria V., California
  • Courtney W., Maryland
  • Joella B., Colorado
  • Kim H., California
  • Celeste C., Washington
  • Jacqueline S.F., Georgia
  • Tara H., California
  • Karly O., California
  • Magdah M., California, nominated by her sister

How would you use me time, single mamas?

Here's what some of you who entered and nominated deserving single mamas said you'd do with the me time a few hours of babysitting could offer. This image would be a lot bigger if we could include all the mentions of wanting to drink a cup of coffee before it got cold, longing to hike or do yoga or just sit quietly outside, wishing for a night out with your ladies and, beautifully, hoping to help others. And many of you said you'd like the time to put in overtime, work, study uninterrupted, take an entrance exam or big leap to help your career.  And nearly all of you made note of adoring your children (we felt that) and understanding you need some time and space to be good to yourself so you can be even better to those kids (we get that). 

SMN UrbanSitter Giveaway - smaller.jpg

Every single mama deserves some time to herself (and not just for more work), and so we're sending you our warmest wishes for the support, love and resources you need to make those moments a reality.

And big thanks to the UrbanSitter community for investing in single moms with your dollars and hearts! 

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Whether you were a winner, a nominator or one of our circle of amazing single moms, I hope you will share the love in whatever way you can to take care of yourselves or throw a little glitter at another mother today.