Amazing Single Mother's Day Giveaway: Win free "me time" babysitting (or donate it to a mother in need)

My very first Mother's Day as a single mom could have been a lot of things. It could have been spent on a Caribbean island or it could have been any other day of me frantically calling the locksmith to please get my young son out of the bathroom (again) while the downstairs neighbors banged on their ceiling with a broom, the burgers on the stove burned and work deadlines screamed louder than than the handmade card my boy proudly brought home from school. But it wasn't either of those days. 

Instead, my parents stepped in. They helped my son pick out a little basket of treats and trinkets I loved, they made sure I had a sweet corsage to wear in church and that I sat down at a brunch that didn't involve anything burned or once-warm-now-cold, dug out of the bottom of my purse or ordered in after everyone was too tired and hungry to notice what was on the plate. And with more help, my son also picked out a pink shirt for me and had it customized to say, "SASSY MOMMY." It was a perfect Mother's Day because people with good hearts cared about celebrating me. That felt so good. My eyes welled up over and over. My smile was big and my bucket was full. 

When UrbanSitter said they'd love to partner up with Single Mom Nation to celebrate YOU this Mother's Day, I had that same full-bucket feeling. Together, here's what we're up to.

UrbanSitter is asking parents, members and other good-hearted people to donate gift cards good so that single mothers like you can enjoy some free time, me time or must-have time for doctor appointments or sick days or errands or job interviews. The gift cards can be redeemed for babysitting services by one of UrbanSitter's 50,000 vetted caregivers. 


Why UrbanSitter?

Because UrbanSitter was founded by awesome moms and entrepreneurs who are deeply invested in making the lives of parents and kids safe, secure, supported — and fun!  They also are committed to single mothers and get that self-care is critical to do what we do.

Listen to our podcast episode featuring UrbanSitter CEO and co-founder Lynn Perkins on why creative or sporty sitters are perfect for single mom families. 

On UrbanSitter, you can find your community's go-to babysitters on demand. It's where you can discover the babysitters and nannies most trusted by your community, with recommendations from parenting groups, school groups and sports teams near you. UrbanSitter offers the most powerful sitter search available at your fingertips, and allows you (yes, even tired, frazzled, over-scheduled or super-organized, on fire, multi-tasking you) to find, book and pay sitters with one tap so you can say "yes" to anything (hello, massage...or annual exam...or first date...or leisurely trip to Target). 

What is this giveaway?

Members and friends will donate gift cards to be redeemed for babysitter services through UrbanSitter. You can apply to be awarded a gift card! You can also donate babysitting time yourself. Or hey, you can do both — which is a triple win.

How do I apply to win awesome UrbanSitter babysitting services?

You fill out the giveaway entry form below. You can also nominate a single mom you know. 

Entries must be submitted no later than Friday, May 6th at 5 pm so recipients can be alerted as a fabulous Mother's Day surprise!

How can I donate a gift card?

Click right here, love. And bless your heart. You are doing something wonderful for another single mom.

How can I nominate a deserving single mother?

Fill out the giveaway entry form below. What a simple, sweet gift.

How can I redeem the gift cards if I am a recipient? And how many will be awarded?

If you are a lucky single mama, we will give you all the details to you then (and it will be simple to follow because no mother needs more information overload). The number of gift cards given away and the amount will be determined by the number of donations.  The more generous the donations, the more opportunities to win babysitting!

Do you offer other giveaways and opportunities?

Yes. Single Mom Nation Grants to Get You Through is a bridge giving program to help single mothers. Learn more here. 

Enough explanation! Let's get to the good stuff.

Here's to you, single mamas! And to the people who love us, tend to us and make sure we are celebrated every single day of the year. 

Enter the UrbanSitter-Single Mom Nation Single Mother's Day Giveaway here.

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