Selfies tell our truths


At a time when selfies were criticized as self-indulgent, narcissistic and over-played, we asked single moms to go full force in turning the cameras around on themselves. Single mothers, we assert, can own self-portraits as an archive of their experience and to take up deserved space in photos with their kids. We called out for #singlemomselfies and the response was...well, beautiful. Photos poured in on Facebook, Instagram with a hashtag that still gets to us. Here are some of our favorite expressions of the power of #singlemomselfies from that contest.

We're a little self-sentimental today after a sidebar conversation with Lucrecer Braxton, who told us that she believes taking photos of yourself will reveal exactly where you are on your journey. The photographer and podcaster joined us last week with a stand-up-and-raise-your-praise-hands talk on Single Mom Nation Radio about finding your fiercest self, and we saved this bit on selfies for this week because it is a gem of its own. 

Listen in to this quick convo on how selfies can track your transformation, why it is time to stop pointing out your flaws and how your solo photos can reveal the hard and radiant truths about you to you. 


Show notes:

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