Required Reading: Money and other good stuff (plus a few dumb things)


You have a few hours before the Downton Abbey/Good Wife season premier stand-off. Sit. Sip. Read. 

Money mistakes women make during divorce, or as I like to reframe it more positively, how to take good care of your financial self during a totally tough time. This advice by a divorce strategist and financial planner is so solid (were there even divorce strategist/money ladies around when I filed my papers??) and it's not too late to start on these points, whether you are divorced now, long ago or not even close.

Your daughter wants to be a single mom? This little girl says she does. And the honest thoughts and even better response her mom offers are so right on. 

Trashing the gown made beautiful by a bride left at the altar and the good people still standing by her side. (More great pics here if you can stand a slideshow.)

Just no. And also no? This. Because we are waiting for the Louis CK line of divorce funnies. Until then, no dumb divorce tchotckes, pleaseandthankyou.

Silver linings of divorce, all in one little list. I like this post, I love this thinking.