What it is really like to be a single, working mama: Listen in on Working Motherhood!

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Many of our days as working mothers, and particularly as single working mothers, stream from one to-do to another, with very few opportunities to sit, breathe and talk about what our big dreams, great inspirations and connections are. 

I was so grateful to take some time with Dr. Portia Jackson of Working Motherhood, a daily podcast and website that makes those moments to inspire, inform and reach out to mothers. 

Here's the podcast I took part in with Dr. Portia. I share the quotes that fuel me forward, my absolute favorite parenting book, the other book I keep in my purse and how my own leaps of faith have made my life bigger, happier and healthier (even in the toughest of times. OH! And the fear and freedom of leaving a big job for the big unknown as a single mom (I know many of you will get this). 

Listen to my talk with Dr. Portia Jackson on Working Motherhood here. 


And now I need to know your inspiration quote!