Possibly the best break-up story of all time

So you thought your break-up was epic? For its out-on-the-street screaming? Or maybe because of its quiet amicability? Because it came through on Snapchat? 

Oh, no. Your last relationship's end, no matter how much it left you in a puddle or empowered, has nothing on this story. Unless, your break-up also included Phil Collins. And the songwriter from the Psychedelic Furs. AND PHIL COLLINS.

Did I mention Phil Collins actually doles out relationship advice in this story? And that he relates, humbly and honestly about the agony of swapping a marriage for a hit song? Or that, in the end, the storyteller still is not over the man who broke her heart -- on New Year's Eve, no less -- despite her plea to return by quoting lyrics from "Against All Odds"? 

Yeah, our break-ups have nothing on this one. Not the quest for emotional redemption. Not the laughs. Not the catalogue of schmaltzy heartbreak songs you will be singing for days to come. And not the British drummer-songwriter of our youth, just there to talk it all out. 

Listen. Storyteller Starlee Kine unwinds a tangled relationship in a masterfully relayed story that will have you laughing, nodding along and wondering how in the world to get your hands on Phil's email address. I promise. It will do your heart, and any lingering of your own heartbreak, lots of good.