Monday meditations for mamas

credit: Shutterstock

credit: Shutterstock

Summer doesn't always mean that things slow down, that schedules give way to lazy days in the sunshine or that every day from June through September is a vacation. If you're in need of some calm and don't have access to a beach's soothing tides today, here are five meditations and ways to get centered, and soon.

Little morning meditation - I pressed play on Rodney Yee's yoga DVDs to help my young son and I transition through changing homes, visitation chaos and tough times in the early divorce days. When the pressure eased into new, normal ways, I revisited Rodney, but this time with his meditation videos.  This one is an opening to the vastness of the sky in less than ten minutes. 

Meditate with Mala beads - Sarah James of Whoorl has been through it this year, and credits meditation as part of her daily healing practice. In this video, Sarah is your favorite lady friend, sharing how to do something big for yourself in one simple, lovely way. 

Nursing meditation - Set aside screens and use the time you are breastfeeding to soothe your mind and let your body ease with these simple steps or download these affirmations, meditations and music for nursing in iTunes here. Pumping moms, press play on this audio meditation made just for you by other mothers. 

Walking meditation - This straightforward step-by-step guide to walking meditation requires only two things - "your precious human body" and "a pleasant place to walk - either indoors or outside."

Meditate yourself to sleep - Give guided meditations a go to help you (and your kids) let go of the day, worries and tomorrow's to-dos. Here's a "talk down" that lasts just under a half-hour and will serve you well all night and possibly, all day tomorrow.