SMNews: Beyonce, nakey dating site, dads and dolls

News of the Single Mom Nation? We've got it for you, all summed up in nine easy must-click stories, posts and products we feel good about saying you'll love.

"Do you have a dad?" I love this conversation post between Casey Carey-Brown and her daughter. "Roozle" has two mamas (and mad drawing skills and killer sequin sneakers) and answers the question many of our kiddos have been posed with all the grace, attention span and clarity that it deserves.

What to wear when you're no longer crazy in love. Before you go Solange on his ass, put this on with some supah-high heels and dance off your angries. In front of your bathroom mirror will work just fine. (H/T to Laurie at Mom2Summit for this find.)

Speaking of Bey, close your eyes during the 50 Shades of Mehhh trailer and get fully auditory to Ms. Carter's wayyyy-slowed down version of "Crazy in Love" for the movie. Way sexier than the skippable book and probably, blockbuster movie.

The sweetest little single mom stacking dolls. What a lovely gift for a friend who is beginning her journey or for your own nightstand. Best part? Tuck little notes, trinkets and quotes inside. $20 on CasaMimi on Etsy.

"Being unhappily married made me a liar." Kristen Chase's new column "Single Mom" on AlphaMom gets real about divorce, happiness and being a working single parent to a house full of children. One of the first moves forward? Getting honest with yourself (which we all know is not the simplest of the steps).

"Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly. I think someday you’ll find someone who loves you in that exact same way." This (and more) of Taylor Swift's sweet love advice to a young Insta-fan is so much better than watching her talk smack about exes at award shows. 

"We allowed each other to be selfish..." Heather Spohr writes beautifully, achingly, honestly on the hard truths of how she and husband Mike stayed together after the loss of daughter Maddie when so many couples don't, when she says they "didn't love each other more or better than couples whose marriages ended." Whether the trauma of losing a child and possibly a relationship are in your experience or not, this examination of saving yourself and maybe your marriage is an important read.


Need a perfect little date-night dress? That's on sale? A wrap dress works on every body type and makes for simple styling, especially if you're not sure what the day (or night) may entail. Dress up with killer heels, stay sessy in wintry months with tights and high boots, or slip on flat sandals for a more casual warm-weather meet-up. Love the red, but consider all the other bright colors that will frame the gorgeous, glowy, lit-up look on your face. This Banana Republic number is on sale for $59 and up (depending on color, which is all the more reason to skip buying one more LBD and go for Aquarium Blue or Everglade) and will last forevs.

Naked Tinder? Apparently, that's the new dating app Mixxxer. If you need to take your hook-ups up a notch and your clothing down below base-layer, this could be your out from Christian Mingle.