Call for submissions! Tell us your Single Mom Stories

Not to be too Target-like by stocking the shelves with back-to-school supplies way too soon, but Single Mom Nation needs to take a summer break for a second and focus on fall. 

In the midst of a glorious July, we are thrilled to announce that September will be Single Mom Stories month. 

Why are we looking ahead to autumn when we could be settling into the kiddie pool with no worries in the world? Because you keep splashing us with your stories and emails and selfies! You've been sending us so much good stuff about what it is like for YOU to be a single mom that we've decided to dedicate a whole month to your stories, photos and questions. 

And because it is critical to us to show many faces of single motherhood and to archive diverse experiences, we hope you will submit and encourage other single mothers to participate as well.

Here's how it works:

Submit your Single Mom Stories here by August 15th to be considered for publication in the month of September. 

Include links to your blog or website, a little bit of a bio, photos and enough information that we can @ our love to you on Twitter, tag you on Facebook and heart you like crazy on Instagram.

Not sure where to begin? Here is some inspiration.

Want to be creative? Do it! Share your photo essays, collages, poems, eHarmony profiles -- however you'd like to tell us what it is to be the amazing single mama you are.