We asked for the love. And, wow, you gave it

Yesterday was the big, celebratory, get-up-get-up-and-get-down launch of Single Mom Nation. To make sure we weren't slow dancing silently and alone to eighties greaties, we asked friends, family, fabulous people (yes, that's you) to join us in the party. You didn't just show up, dip your hands in the Cheetos bowl and then ghost out the back door. 

Oh, no.

You arrived with champs in hand, tore up the dance floor and then went out on the balcony and screamed out to all the neighbors to come on in and join the rager. We loved it. We are still loving it. 

Thank you. We are humbled, grateful, giddy. And we are going to let the music play on (play on play on) while we soak up all of your enthusiasm, love, support and snark-fabulous comments until we absolutely must vacuum up the Cheetos crumbs and take all the empties to the recycling bin.

You are the Single Mom Nation, and you are amazing. And you've only just begun. 

Want to share the love with us? Here's a small sample of what you have declared on our behalf. We are so grateful. 

  • We are featured on the Mom 2 Summit blog today with this thoughtful interview by the wonderful Laurie White, who writes: 

Most people think of summer as a time to kick back, do fun things, maybe sit on the beach or play TV catch-up, because that Orange Is the New Black will not watch itself.

Then there are people like Jessica Ashley, who decide it’s a great time to launch an online community, and get ready to welcome a new baby, no big deal. Jessica’s rad new destination for single moms, Single Mom Nation, launched yesterday with an all-day launch party celebration. When we made plans and projects the focus of the first month of Mom2Summer, we weren’t sure how ambitious you all were feeling this year, but she’s really taking it to the limit. We caught up with her today to talk about the site, what motivated her to create it, and just what makes a kickass single mom. 

I. Mean. Clapping and crying tears of joy are totally acceptable on a Friday, right?



  • Amazing designer Elan Morgan, who took our big dreams and created the outstanding look of Single Mom Nation, announced our launch on her blog, Schmutzie, yesterday. Elan is the very best in many, many ways. 


  • Stefania Pomponi of Clever Girls Collective, one of my very first blogging friends and supporters and the person who insisted (INSISTED!) I start Sassafrass 147 years ago, got right to the heart of why single-mama connections are critical to keep our hopeful, healthy, happy hearts beating with this generous endorsement of Single Mom Nation on Facebook.  The clapping and crying went straight to ugly-lucky sobs at this point.

  • Many of you reached out asking how and when to contribute your single mom stories. We want them. We need them. Please share them here. 

Still singing that one song? Don't let us stop you.